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TARGET / splashlight

TARGET entrusted SPLASHLIGHT to elevate their e-commerce photography and become their exclusive on-figure e-commerce photography provider. They felt that SPLASHLIGHT could bring both the creative leadership of a "boutique agency" and the efficiencies and tools from a big "content factory". The best of both worlds!
We gave ourselves the challenge to re-invent how e-commerce was done in order to not come up with the same (mediocre) result.
In tight collaboration with our production and operation teams, I re-designed creative processes, and tools, looking for the right balance between creative control and creative freedom for the on-set talents. Then we sourced and trained a dedicated creative team, and with them, established the creative guidelines.
We also stragegically planned a smooth evolution/elevation of the photography, so all aspects were gradually re-defined -model selection, lighting, talents, styling, model direction, hair and make up, camera angles- for each of their many categories, and without any bumps on the road.
The team became quickly autonomous and considered as an extension of the Target team. 
This has been a tremendous success and is regarded as an example to go by for the whole company. I am extremely proud of having been part of it!

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Women's, Men's, Kids, Intimate, Athletic, Denim, Maternity, Plus Size, etc.